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Hello world! And welcome!

Wouldn’t it be nice if applying online, and everything before, during and after that, was fun and lovable for everyone involved? As if it was the “beginning to a wonderful friendship”, rather than a technical process?

Let us introduce ourselves. We, Julian and Guillaume, are working with Potentialpark, a Stockholm-based market research institute. We think you need to understand talent first before you can reach them. Since 2002, Potentialpark has conducted studies about behavior, expectations and frustrations in the candidate experience. We would like to share the results, observations, examples, stories and ideas of our work with job seekers and HR professionals. That’s why we created this blog in November 2014.

Do not hesitate to subscribe, read, comment and argue with us, and to join the APOLLO journey into the unknown territories of talent communications.

Read more about us on the About page, or start with the first posts about sexy Employer Branding, the future of the career website and the Top 5 online trends we see for 2015. Or meet us on the Potentialpark website.

Talk soon!

Julian, Guillaume and the Potentialpark Team in Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, New York and around the world

Julian Ziesing, Berlin

Julian, Berlin


Guillaume, Stockholm

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