Pimp your recruiter! Or: how sexy can Employer Branding be?

Who has the most fun? HR does! Or so says the guy with the sun glasses in the SAP video. Right before the Schneider Electric dude dances off with the other guy dressed as a Gangnam girl.

Hey everyone, we have a whole year behind us full of CVs, ATS, KPI, SEO and PPC. Can we, just for a moment, put the spread sheets aside and party, dance and sing? Aren’t we all helping to bring people together? Aren’t we the ones who are happy when everyone else is happy? (wiping off a tear)

Why employers often talk to the outside world in stock-photo stereotypes, PR paraphrases and job title hieroglyphs is a question for another day. Today, around the time when most of us are having their Xmas party, I’d like to share 3 videos (some of them not new) that show that employer branding can start with a fun idea. (If you don’t like them, think about the company that created them, and admire the courage, at least).

Question of the day: are we all too serious, formal and tense?

Have fun, and don’t forget – you’re the light!

Schneider Electric, Korea

Axel Springer, Germany (with subtitles)

SAP, india


Julian Ziesing, Berlin

Julian Ziesing, Berlin


Julian Ziesing is responsible for the study development at international market research institute Potentialpark. He blogs about his opinion and experiences concerning the Candidate Experience.

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