Advent Calendar Doors 10 to 12: the power of online, videos and communities

Half way through the shortest month of the year, our calendar will have traveled to 8 different countries. Today: Mona from Real Impact Analytics in Brussels, Richard from Grant Thornton in London and Stéphane from Michelin in Clermont-Ferrand.

(And yes, I had to google map Clermont-Ferrand as well 🙂 )

Enjoy some insightful reflection about “favorite mistakes”, and a preview at what HR experts all over the world have up their sleeves for 2016!

-Julian & the APOLLO blog team in Berlin and Stockholm

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Door 10: Mona putting South Africa and Brazil on the agenda

Mona LazarWho: Mona Lazar

Role: Global Recruitment at Real Impact Analytics

Where: Brussels, Belgium

Question 1: What was your favorite mistake this year? The one you learned the most from.

The biggest opportunity we’ve missed this year is the fact we didn’t exploit the online space as much as we could have in order to connect to young professionals, graduating from university.

We did the job fairs roadshows and attended university events, however, we didn’t support these efforts with a consistent online campaign. We love connecting with people in real-life settings, but we’ve learned that a multi-channel approach would bring more value by helping us reach more potential talent and promoting our great culture.

Question 2: What is your one most ambitious plan for 2016?

Next year we will focus on employer branding in our regional markets. While we have a very strong employer brand in Belgium (HQ office), we could increase our visibility in the regions: South Africa and Brazil will be hot on our agenda.

We want to showcase our fantastic team, amazing work environment and all the good stuff that makes our company a great place to work. The end purpose is to put Real Impact on the map of talented professionals and make get them interested in our company.

Get in touch with Mona on LinkedIn.

Door 11: Richard and the power of communities

Richard WaiteWho: Richard Waite

Role: Talent & Resourcing Senior Manager at Grant Thornton

Where: London, UK

Question 1: What was your favorite mistake this year? The one you learned the most from.

The thing I have learnt the most from was not hitting our overall school leaver target last year. It forced myself and our team to reflect on the whole school leaver experience – all the way from first touch point through to their orientation. It’s working well so far and we’re experiencing our most successful season so far since opening in September for school leaver recruitment.

Our key learning was that school leaver recruitment requires a completely different approach from grad. Trying to repurpose strategies or approaches for this new market just doesn’t work. So, we started with a blank page and built with a school leaver first mindset.

Question 2: What is your one most ambitious plan for 2016?

I’m really excited about how we can further leverage the power of communities across everything we do. We’ve seen huge successes come from our candidate community ‘I’ve applied’ and our onboarding community ‘I’m joining’ and we’re beginning to think about how we can have a communities mindset across the whole piece. Watch this space.

Get in touch with Richard on LinkedIn.

Door 12: Stéphane, the raider of the 40 lost videos

Who: Stéphane Gegout 

Role: Michelin Employer brand manager

Where: Clermont-Ferrand, France

Question 1: What was your favorite mistake this year? The one you learned the most from.

This year we highly focused on the launch of Michelin employer branding and the new digital eco system.

We launched 35 web sites July 1st and we expected employee testimonials from every country at this time on the homepage…..  In fact we didn’t realize how difficult it was to create around 40 video testimonials in different countries at the same time and translated in 15 languages….

We are still working on it, we had 10 testimonials for the launch, we have 25 now, and we expect to get 40 soon.

Content is key, and needs time to be achieved!

Question 2: What is your one most ambitious plan for 2016?

Now we rely on all Michelin employees to become E ambassadors of the Michelin employer brand. We already launched it in France with almost 400 members in 4 months, and the next step is to spread it all over the Michelin world next year. That would be an excellent way to spread our hashtag #excellingtogether and involve the internal community in this project.

Get in touch with Stéphane on LinkedIn.

The next 3 doors: Coming up on Dec 13th…

…so if you like to hear more stories, join us here, on the APOLLO blog. Our motto is Applying Online & Loving It, and that’s why we like to share data, best practices and opinions on employer branding and the candidate experience!

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 Julian Ziesing Potentialpark

About the blogger: Julian Ziesing, candidate experience believer since 2002, and Head of Business Development at global market research firm Potentialpark, Berlin.

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